Resilient Floor Restoration

Extending the life of your floors:

Floors come with different types of challenges; from busy airport terminals and round the clock hotel lobbies that require a pristine appearance, to hospitals and daycare centers that demand the highest levels of hygiene, each require a tailored maintenance routine for best results. Our simple, straightforward service steps, developed by professionals for professionals, deliver simple, effective floor care that extends the life of floors and retains their original appearance longer.

Before Restoration
After Recoat and Recolour

Cleaning – A Simple Routine

Regular cleaning is the key to a better, longer lasting floor. Bona’s cleaning treatment works effectively, without harming surfaces or the environment. Quick and straightforward with a great result, maintaining floors couldn’t be easier

Deep Cleaning – Revive and Refresh

Over time and with heavy wear, stubborn stains and residue build up, resulting in tired, dull surfaces. An application of Bona Power Remove R, using the Bona Power Scrubber revives resilient floors. the advantage is restored freshness and appearance without the need for renovation or downtime.

Protecting – Bring Back The Lustre

Overtime, repeated deep cleaning can diminish the look and quality of any surface. A new protective layer restores the original lustre and prolongs the life of floors. Safe,quick and easy, Bona’s protective treatment restores floors, bringing them back to life in no time. For heavy traffic areas, a Bona protecting treatment is recommended in conjunction with deep cleaning.

Recoating – Restore with Confidence

For floors that are damaged or heavily worn, replacement is the traditional answer. The innovative Bona Recoating treatment is a fast , effective alternative to restore their original beauty and prolong their life. For vinyl, PVC, linoleum and rubber, Bona’s unique and safe recoating treatment provides the perfect surface in a matter of hours.

Unique Method – Recoating

We call it recoating, you could call it a brand new floor. Recoating following the Bona Care Program offers the most powerful, effective recoating process for resilient surfaces.

Preparation using sanders and abrasives enables you to achieve the optimal prepared surface in no time, ready for restoration or even a complete redesign. With a full range of RAL/NCS colours and creative chips, the design possibilities are endless.

Add a recoat of Bona Pure lacquer over the top for protection and durability and you’ve got a new floor that’s ready for any challenge , saving time, downtime and costs.

Rubber Floor before Recoat
Rubber Floor after Recoat
  • Deep Clean and Recoat system
  • Transform Tired Flooring
  • Saves money and downtime by 50%
  • Change the look and colour
  • Add design features
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • No need to dispose of old floor
  • 2000 colours available
  • Maintenance program
Stairs Before
Stairs After Recoat

Have a look at a couple of projects completed using Bona products and our new service utilising their new unique system:

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