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Bless Them They Can’t Help Having Accidents

Urine stained carpets is a severe problem that doesn’t just require simple cleaning, but major restoration work. Accidents will always happen and household pets may urinate in a similar place on your carpets. Urine in carpeting also leaves a distasteful odour and smell which lingers around until something is done to resolve the issue.

Pet Urine In Carpets – The Facts

When urine is deposited on a carpet, it may become invisible to the naked eye, penetrating your carpet fibres and then contaminating the carpet backing and flooring substraights below the surface.

Don’t bother using simple cleaning and general household cleaning methods to mask the odour, it is unlikely you will succeed!!!

As the urine liquid evaporates and dries, the urine odour and staining can become pungent and concentrated.

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Key Benefits

  • Banish the nasty smell.
  • No need to cover up.
  • Increase the Life of Your Furnishings.
  • Safe Sanitiser Treatment Used.
  • Deep carpet clean
  • Deoderiser
  • Pet packages from £275

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