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Enjoy a brighter, cleaner, healthier home

Extend the life of your rugs and create a healthier environment for you and your family with our expert rug cleaning process. We can effectively clean and freshen your dirty rugs, leaving them revitalised and sparkling.

We will make sure your rug is cleaned thoroughly in a way that doesn’t cause it any damage.

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Benefits of Rug Cleaning

Our Malvern experts are Rug Cleaning specialists meaning you can benefit from

  • Beautifully clean rugs
  • A healthier home
  • Extending the life of your rugs
  • Protect your investment


Our rug cleaning process

We have created our  rug cleaning process to give your rugs the most thorough clean possible, using the safest possible method for each individual rug.

We don’t just take the dirt from the surface, we remove every last bit of soil from the entire rug both sides.

Rug Cleaning treatment:

  1. Identifying:

    Your rug is initially measured, and checked for colour fastness. It will be inspected for any pre-existing issues such as pile reversal, pet urine and general damage. A full report is made with a  photograph taken and added to the client file.

    What will happen if when you inspect my rug you find that you can not remove the stains?
    We will always tell you beforehand what to expect from our cleaning. If we find any areas of concern you will be contacted straight away before any cleaning work is carried out. You can then decide whether you wish to proceed with the clean or not: the rug will be stored until it is ready to be collected. There will be no charge for the initial inspection and/or test patch.

  2. Dusting:

    The process starts firstly by using a Pile Lifter; a machine that lifts and opens the rug pile while extracting all loose soil, pet hair etc from deep within the pile. Then using the “Rug Badger”, a machine that gently beats and vibrates the rug, we will remove the dry soiling and abrasive grit ; this is important as  unless removed it will prematurely age your rug. We then finally use the pile lifter one more time to finish this step of the process.

    Does the beating machine damage the rug in any way?
    Definitely not. Whilst the back of the rug is gently beaten , the rug badger is utilising over 40,000  vibrations per minute to shake all the dry soil out from the rug without the need of heavy aggressive beating.

  3. Immersive cleaning:

    The washing process can now begin by placing the rug in to our wash pit. The pit will be filled with water , fully immersing it , and a “rug roller” is used to push the water through the rug. The rug is then washed on both sides with a specialist Oriental rug shampoo and once again the “rug roller” is used to ensure that the shampoo passes  through the rug. Any fringes will be cleaned and detailed by hand.

    Can every rug be washed like this and won’t the colour’s run if it gets too wet?
    We wash most of our rugs utilising our immersive cleaning methods. We can also clean using various other methods right the way from full immersion washing to completely dry cleaning. All rugs are tested for colour bleed and shrinkage prior going into our wash pits which enables us to determine the best method of cleaning.

  4. Rapid moisture removal:

    Rinsing takes place and then the rug is put into our “Rug Revolution” which is a large centrifugal spinning machine that dries the rug removing all the excess water ,leaving it as dry as possible (similar to a spin cycle on a washing machine but on a much larger scale). Rapid moisture removal is imperative to eliminate the risk of colour’s bleeding into each other.

    Rug grooming:

    The rug is then groomed so that the pile is set to its original position, (which always runs down to the bottom of the rug) and put into our specially designed drying room where it will be left , over night, to dry. For very thick or shag pile rugs this may require longer time.

    How do you know if the rug is completely dry before wrapping it?
    We test all rugs with a moisture meter before removing from the drying room to ensure it is completely dry and safe to be stored if needed.

  5. Detailing:

    The rug will be inspected for any spots/stains that have not been removed by the washing. Any spot/stain treatments will usually be applied at this point, plus any fringe treatments and then the rug will be returned to the drying room for the final time.

    Don’t all the spot’s and stains come out in the wash?
    Some spots and stains require further treatment using specialised products.

  6. Finishing touches

    We will then vacuum the rug to remove any fine fibres that may have shed and groom the rug one last time before it is wrapped. We use recycled brown wrapping paper to wrap the rug and it is a breathable wrap ,should the rug need to be stored for any period of time.

    Can I still have the stain guard applied even if I decide to have it after it passed this step or is it too late?
    We can apply any of the additional extra treatments even if you decide after we have wrapped it ready to be returned, it will just take an extra day or so before it will be ready again.



What kinds of stains will be removed?

Can you guarantee to remove all the stains when I have my oriental rug cleaned with you?

We can guarantee that it will be thoroughly washed and cleaned to an excellent standard but unfortunately some staining will not remove. Mainly hot tea or coffee, or anything that has any dyes or colouring in such as take away curries, fizzy drinks such as cherryade etc. are deemed the most difficult to treat.

Our Rug Cleaning process can effectively remove:

  • Deeply ingrained soiling
  • Most oil based stains
  • Dirty marks
  • Food stains

What type of rugs are suitable for your Rug Cleaning?

Our cleaning process is suitable for a range of different types of rugs including

  • Oriental rugs
  • Area rugs
  • Cotton rugs
  • Silk
  • All man made fibres
  • Turkish
  • Indian
  • Middle East
  • Persian

*if you’re not sure if your rug can be cleaned, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01684576028


Rugs cleaned for your convenience

Rugs are cleaned off-site at our purpose built rug cleaning workshop. Rest assured our qualified Malvern technician will only be too happy to pass on his knowledge and advice as to how we can restore your rug to its former glory.

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